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"Time is our greatest commodity.

 We can't stop the days or years from passing but when I take photographs I stop that time.

That's what I do.

I record an event such as your newborn baby on his or her first days, the pure emotion of a love that

until you experience there is no love quite like it.

I document your family at the time you are as one - whatever ages whichever scenario.

I photograph your product to bring it maximum appeal but most of all

I love to bring happiness and joy. That moment you gasp at your images, that moment you may cry because the images

represent everything you love.

That's what I do.

I stop time for you." 


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What We Do









I've combined my love of  photography, art and designing and  sourced the most gorgeous products and created artwork that I am proud to offer.

I love nothing more than seeing my work presented

in gorgeous ways that you will cherish forever. 

Here you can view a portfolio of our photography and book your session

Services and Products   

Visit the shop to order your custom design work and see what we have to offer


Visit the shop to purchase or order a custom design piece of art work

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Coming soon - shhh............

In our shop you'll find gorgeous stationery, tutorial and free design resources 

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Visit our shop to purchase unique  hand painted ceramics!



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I'm Jane, I'm a creative soul who loves nothing more than to see the people around me happy.I'm based in Geelong Victoria. I have been photographing and designing for the past 11 years now. I'm incredibly passionate about my work and creating a life that fulfils in so many ways. I spend my spare time exploring different mindsets of gratitude, wellness and wellbeing. I hope to combine all that and more with my work and share this all with you. 

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